1. All students must be in the school compound by 7:30am, Monday to Friday.
  2. Running away from classes (truancy) or unauthorized absence from school is a punishable offence and would not be tolerated.
  3. Every student must participate in all Continuous Assessment Tests and Examinations conducted by the school.
  4. Every student must carry out all the assignments given by their teachers and submit same to their teachers at the stipulated time.
  5. English Language is the official language and medium of expression within the school.
  6. Speaking of pidgin or vernacular is prohibited and punishable.
  7. Students should be properly dressed at all times.
  8. Stealing, pilfering and mutilation of library books or resource materials are prohibited.
  9. Students should at all times behave as members of the same family and desist from social evils like bullying (whether verbal, physical or any other form of bullying.)
  10. All required fees must be paid on or before the second week of resumption of every term. Defaulters would not be allowed into the classes.