SCHOOL ANTHEM

1st  Stanza                                                                             2nd Stanza

I come to thee Oh! Franej School                                   Will your Anchor hold in the

In your brilliant aims to have a share                           storms of life?

So in greater heights to prove all things                       When the Clouds unfold their

I will rise; hold fast that which is good.                        Wings of strife

                                                                                              When the strong tides lift                                             

                                                                                              And the cables strain

                                                                                              Will your Anchor hold fast

                                                                                              that which is good?



We have an Anchor

That keeps the soul,

Steadfast and sure

While the billows roll

Fastened to the rock

Which cannot move

Grounded firm and deep

In the Saviour’s love




Franej my school

I make thee a promise

To be faithful, loyal, dedicated

And hardworking

To uphold your dignity at all times

In unity and peace

I will hold fast that which is good

So, help me God.